MirrorBot v3 moving projections

headsquatter @suchtfaktor - mikz berlin

Demo video about the "MirrorBot" Arduino minicomputer system to control the position of videobeamer projections.

Two servomotors move a mirror in X- and Y- axis, which reflects the beamer image. The servos are controlled by a microcontroller with an LCD. It can play various movement pattern programs automatically, adjusted to the music speed by setting BPM or 'live' with the joystick and button.

Headsquatter VJs use it to move visuals around the whole dancefloor when playing in clubs. Moving projections becomes a live instrument! :D

more info: lab.synoptx.net/mirrorbot

Music by droidsystem.com� ThanX!

Recorded at Suchtfaktor elekto party in MIKZ, Berlin F'Hain 03.2010

Monthly, every 1. saturday, also in 2011!

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