Links to sites of friends, collaborators and berlin- & roma- connections

Joint Operation Records, Berlin - music label and artist network

Kinomobil Interaktiv
collaborators, who show documentaries and movies in various places around europe


The last big squat in Berlin - one of our favorite places to play live..

a house society in berlin, F'hain

squ'art is a loft in an industrial building in the RAW area in berlin, used by artists now for an art showroom and various actions and events.


all important dates in berlin, subculture and politics

Synwebdesign web-projects and webservices such as hosting, email, mailinglists, web-groupware and many more web-applications

Tekno Surf
TEKNO SURF ride da sound wave!
Scambio e creazione di tekno idee/informazioni, promozione tekno eventi

ma anche grafica, stikers, volantini, musica, video

una skeggia di tekno kultura negli okki del sistema


the Synoptx.net server does not store any personal information of the vistiors of this site.

x-tractor .. is an audiovisual expression, looking for the natural skills of the human nature, trying to manipulate the posibilities of the media...


tekno label, music shop online, art, parties info and much more....

w³ Projects

Other web- projects by the crew

a funny game about Berlin- Friedrichshain in 3D, the meta-f'hain community and info/media archiv


bognetti is a E80 illustrator, animator, painter, VJ, dekorateur programmer...

a crew of decorators who do classical and modern techniques,painting over various surfaces in bars, restaurants, shops and private rooms


Our Youtube channel we decided to take a Youtube channel like necessary communication system!
we are just starting to fill an account with the alias of the crew to collect video, doku, animation, vj report and robots !!!

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