Dia and Light Installations

One of our all time classics is the dia show with multiple images mixed into each other or moved on the walls.

We have 5 Diaprojectors and hundrets of photos, collages and paintings to show.

The size of the dia projections can be small as a few centimeters up to several meters for each Dia-projektor!
That means we can cover a small bar with 1 illuminated image, but we can also cover all the walls of a club with a huge composited image: 3m high and 45m long!

Additonally we can install stroboskops, overheadprojektor and some colored, flashing lights and a small laser show to decorate the location.

Many backdrops and paintings are available to choose from , you can see some example in the projects .

Every your desire can be created specially for the event or the location.

Flash Video Stream Player starting, if Plugin installed..

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