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Realizing a new idea of female
Promote an interest for all the transition and trans-media object.

We discovered how the social difference between male and female, is mostly coming from the different school levels; we discovered how many times in the history great woman was hiding their female nature to be listen or published.
Luckily, and finally, the female integration is growing in Europe.
But I still feel a deep happynes, when I see active woman behind the console or Organizing something in this world.
I have few things that can define myself as a female, for sure I m not a male, I think to be human, first generation of my family that was really grown up in equality of sex.
It does not mean I get a male education, it does not mean I didn't recognize the hormonal difference.
I would just say I had the same rights, and brain capacities.
Biggest problem now is that we need a referrer, of our own sex to be encouraged.
Like was for the first computer software developer ADA Lovelace (1815-1852), she studied for long time math and logic, but she needed, to start her real carrier, to meet a female mathematician, to recognize herself in another human.
She was brilliant and precursor, so early in time that the computer was still not operating, but her software is full working and she recognize for first the possibility to create music and graphics, only by digital and mathcalculation.
So please, every female who would like to use the brain, have to make clear and strong to the young generation, witch one is your contribute and help in this world, encourage the children with real example of what females have done till now. Dont keep your idea on the generics concept of equality, search and give names as referrer for young generation.
The equality is not anymore an idea, is a concrete solution.
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