Ctrl Z & Gastronauts


-LPM Live Performers Meeting-Roma, and -Tacheles-Berlin .-. 2008 .-.

Our crew Headsquatter born from the ash of Ctrl+Z produktions, our old crew.

The Gastronauts Italian Project
They combinate food with hip hop, video and social critic. How? Cooking live inparties, and giving it for free to the guests who eat with the hands, the taste is so great that everybody instantaneously understood the difference to what we eat normally. Ok - they are great chefs -, but they also choose and promote only Real Food, -not always-, but preferred organic.

The video clips played by the Ctrl+Z Team show very strong contrasts to the live prepared food. We played an Anti-Fast Food Campaign, with perverted advertisment clips, videosnips about dangers of fast food and the sur-sur-surplus idioty. The situation was never before so matching for these videoclips :)

Video Remix :: (from various authors, documentary material, and self created animations) ::

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